Laundromat Ministry
Barbara and Rodney lead our laundromat ministry.

The piles of laundry often seem endless as we shuffle them from washer to dryer. But to some, this would be a luxury. There are many families in our community who lug their dirty laundry across town, through cold or rain, to do their wash at a laundromat.

Barbara and Rodney believe this is a perfect place to show Jesus’ love to others. 

 Our laundromat outreach ministry, where we pay for the washers and dryers, can brighten up people’s day and show them the love of Christ plus you get a chance to just talk to people and show them that we care!

Embrace Grace
Embrace Grace exists to help inspire and equip the church to love and encourage single and pregnant young women and their families
Embracing the grace of Christ means we have to believe what God says about us in the Bible rather than believing what the world tells us. God says we are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:13-16). If our hearts embrace this truth, then we are truly embracing the grace of Christ.